Meme's Bead Retreat

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October 22-23-24

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Laquinta Inn & Suites
Call and ask for the Meme's Weekend Getaway 


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Supply List and Project Photos

Sample of the Link Necklace and Bracelet
Sample of the X Marks the Spot necklace
Sample of the Link Bracelet
Michelle tickeling Patricia
Mom watching her favorite TV show  HAHA just couldn't miss BLUE BLOODS
Slidell Retreat May 2011
Slidell Retreat Oct 2011
Doogie Town
Line Dance Fever
Dancing the Night away
Party Time
Slidell Retreat May 2012
Slidell Retreat Oct 2012
Slidell Retreat Oct 2014 
May 17 Retreat
May 18-19-20,2018
May 2019
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Star Flower Necklace
11/0 Delica 1gr
11/0 (a)Seedbeads 1gr
11/0 (b)Seedbeads 3gr
15/0 (a)Seedbeads 1gr
15/0 (b)Seedbeads 20gr
15/0 (c)Seedbeads 8gr
15/0 Seedbeads 2gr
4mm Pearls 13+ 
4mm Crystals 50+
2 Large Focal Drops

Blizzard Earrings
4mm Pearls 2
4mm Crystals 12
11/0 (a) Delica 1gr
11/0 (b) Delica 24 beads
15/0 (a)Seedbeads 1gr
15/0 (b)Seedbeads 24 beads
15/0 Seedbeads 1gr
15/0 Seedbeads 12 beads

Wire Work Cuff Bracelet
18 or 20 Gauge Wire (base)
24 Gauge Wire (for adding beads)
6mm 4mm spacers (to add)
Tools Mandrel set, Side Cutter 
Chain nose pliers

Finger Weaving Bracelet
Pick our wire size 
20g 22g 24g 26g
for the bracelet see samples in 
Cord ends per size wire

Mixed Beaded Beads
you will need a mixture on size 11/0 
Seedbeads , Delicas and 15/0
Chain , Ribbon and small charms if  
you want to add any.